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If you're running a Faraday Challenge Day in your own country, or you have any questions, get in touch and let us know.

Hong Kong

2014-15 season

Hong Kong was the first country outside of the UK to start running a Faraday Challenge Day season, originally set up by Dr Robin Bradbeer and Dodi Mak from the IET’s Hong Kong office.

After a day of mentor training for the volunteers running the events, Hong Kong held their first Faraday Challenge Day on 31 May 2014. Student teams came from Hong Kong and Macau to take on our Mission to Mars challenge. There was positive feedback from students and teachers alike!

After a successful season, the Hong Kong team hosted their very first Final on 11 July 2015, with four out of the six heat winners taking part. There were only four marks separating the teams at the end of the day, but victory went to the Queen Elizabeth School.

The team said: “We passed all the challenges, our rocket launched smoothly and we finally won the grand prize. If there are any competitions about design and technology in the future, all of us would like to join in again.”

2015-16 season

The Hong Kong team began their 2015-16 season at the Hong Kong and Kowloon Chiu Chow Public Association Secondary School (CCPASS) on 12 December 2015. There were around 11 members and 55 non-members participating in the event on the Remote operations challenge. Further events took place in March and May in Hong Kong and Macau.

Perhaps our aspiration for a global Faraday Final is closer than we think!

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Australia is running a series of Faraday Challenge Days. Their first event took place at Tempe High School in Sydney in October 2014 and further events are now being scheduled to involve more young people. Watch this space for more details!


2015-16 season

Our Brunei network organised a pilot event using the Mission to Mars challenge on the 21 August 2015. This event was held in St Andrew’s School in Brunei and gave the 36 students the chance to experience what it would be like to work as part of an actual engineering team. In addition to creating their own prototype rocket and transporter vehicles, teams had to justify their ideas, cost and implementation plans to judges.

The Brunei Young Professional Section then ran a further six events during the 2015-16 season and held a national final for each of the winning teams. The official video for the IET DIY Faraday Mission to Mars 2.0 Challenge National Finals 2016 - Brunei Darussalam is on Facebook.

2017-18 season

Our Brunei network organised a series of events based on the Flood defence challenge. These events gave students the opportunity to increase their knowledge and creativity to solve problems based on real-life engineering work. The challenge tasked participants to build a functioning prototype, which was demonstrated at the end of the event.

The National Final Challenge took place on the 2 September 2018 at Aman Hills Shopping Centre.

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The inaugural launch of the Singapore Faraday Challenge Day took place between the 12 and 15 December 2015 and was a resounding success. The challenge was Mission to Mars.

Singapore did it a little differently by targeting Singapore self-help organisations and the general public to increase awareness of the programmes and to let more people benefit from the challenge.

The challenge started with an ice-breaking bingo session led by volunteer Huang Lingxi.

The event was made as close to a real life engineering experience as possible. Project teams were formed randomly and most of the members did not know each other. Despite this, they worked together to  complete their mission of transporting and launching a rocket.

Feedback from parents was very positive, all wanting to join the mailing list for details of any future youth initiatives.

The overwhelming success of the event was in part due to the volunteers who worked relentlessly on the project over several months.

Keep up to date and see the full range of photos in the IET Singapore Network's Facebook Album.

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India are hoping to join us in delivering Faraday Challenge Days in the near future. Watch this space for more details!


Team CLB B from SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth made their school proud by winning the gold medal with their project at the Penang state level Faraday Challenge 2019. The team, made up of Moo Khye Henn (15), Beh Shao Hern (15), Tan Hong Hui (14), Chin Shao-Hong (15) and Ooi Kwong Yang (15), beat 28 other teams from Penang states with their invention of a foldable sofa.

The challenge, organized by the IET Malaysia Penang branch, carried the theme “Smarter Home, Smarter Living”. The participants were tasked with developing a prototype that reflects the technologies of the latest smart home trend using Maker UNO development kits sponsored by Cytron Technologies.

Moving beyond the idea of technology being only accessible to engineering-based people, the secondary school students got to unleash their potential and imagination in the creation of products that solve real life problems. In addition to promoting STEM education, the challenge complemented Malaysia’s existing school co-curricular structure.

First launched in October 2018, with the support of the Ministry of Education, the Penang state Faraday Challenge 2019 involved 140 students from 16 secondary schools across Penang state. The Faraday Challenge 2019 was officially launched by Ir. Dr. Khor Jeen Chee, the chairman of the national level Faraday Challenge 2019.

“It was hoped that the challenge would be an eye-opening experience for the participants to expose them to the challenge of designing and making prototype solutions to real life engineering issues. Students could apply their prior knowledge of science and technology in solving problems with the opportunity of receiving STEM advice from industrial people,” said by Mr Tan Earn Tzeh, chairman of Penang State Faraday Challenge.

“I was impressed by the projects developed by the students. They demonstrated creativity and enthusiasm in building a comprehensive smart home solution within 4 hours,” he added.

The top three winners walked away with cash prizes, medals, trophies and certificates. These finalists will represent Penang state at the national level which will be held at Honeywell International Sdn. Bhd. The winner of the national level will be representing Malaysia to the International Level Faraday Challenge 2019 in Brunei on 5 October 2019.

For further updates and to view photos and videos from the challenge please view the IET Malaysia Network's Facebook page.

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