League tables


School name


The Castle School, Taunton (Team 4) 82 57
Honiton Community College, Devon (Team 3) 69 48
Royal Liberty School, Romford (Team 5) 68 49
Trinity Catholic High School, Woodford Green (Team 6) 70 45
Chigwell School, Essex (Team 5) 76 51


Last updated on

17th September 2021


When more than one team receives the same number of total points, the Challenge Leaders will moderate the paperwork, the overall products and their teamwork throughout the day to generate a tie-breaker score which will determine their place on the league table.

Teachers league table 2021-22

At each event, we invite the teachers present to form a team and take on the same challenge as the students! The teacher’s team will be judged in the same way by the Faraday Challenge Leader. Although there are no prizes for teachers, their scores are shown below for them to show their colleagues on their return to school.

Good luck to all of our teacher teams this season!

School name