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Virtual Faraday Challenge

Open for anyone between 7 to 15 years, young people can do this at home, in school, individually or as a group or family.

Based on a real-world problem, the Virtual Faraday Challenge brings together STEM subjects (science, design and technology, engineering and maths) in an engaging way and encourages the development of young people’s problem solving and communication skills.

The Virtual Faraday Challenge challenges young people to see if they can assist the work of Airbus in helping people around the world in times of need and work in the way engineers do in designing a new product.

The brief for the challenge is given by video from our Faraday Challenge Day Challenge Leaders and young people have to demonstrate that they have the engineering skills required to think of a solution and produce a design of their idea. If they want to also build a model of their idea, we would love to see them!

Designed to inspire young people to get creative, there is no time limit, but we will only be able to judge their ideas on what they present to us. Entries need to be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation following the guidance in the brief. The best entries will receive a prize and may even feature on our website.

Do you know someone who is up for the challenge?

The challenge

One very important aspect of the work of Airbus is the support of international aid organisations. Their products and resources, from relief flights to satellite imagery and helicopters, are used to support the work of emergency responders around the world.

One way they do this is through the Airbus Foundation which has brought together a global network of airlines and relief organisations to support humanitarian causes. Since 2008, the Foundation has organised the delivery of 650 tons of aid materials around the world, delivering medical and school supplies, food, water sanitation equipment, toys, clothing and emergency response units to the most vulnerable.

Now they need help in continuing to develop new and creative ideas which can help them transport and deliver aid and provide support for people around the world in times of need.

Could you help support the work of Airbus and engineer a solution to our Virtual Faraday Challenge?

Virtual Faraday Challenge brief

Our Faraday Challenge Day Challenge Leaders, Keira and Phil will put the challenge into context and talk you through the brief for the challenge in this briefing video.

Listen carefully as they explain what is required and some key considerations to think about. As this is a Virtual Faraday Challenge you only need to produce the design to be in with a chance of winning a prize but if you want to build us a model, we would love to see them!

You will need to submit your design as a PowerPoint presentation, the submission guidance can be found below.

Download the video from IET.tv

Virtual Faraday Challenge brief

The submission

Download the submission guidance document to find the full brief and how to enter…and win! 

Entries can either be emailed to faraday@theiet.org or sent via wetransfer.com. Entries will be judged on a weekly basis. There is not a set closing date for the competition so send your entries in for judging as soon as possible. 

We will only be able to judge your idea on what you present to us so you will need to think carefully about how you can communicate your ideas to us clearly and concisely.

For any queries, please contact faraday@theiet.org.

Good luck engineers!

The winners

Well done to all who have submitted entries for the Virtual Faraday Challenge. Judging is taking place on a weekly basis and prizes being awarded accordingly.

Prizes have been awarded to:

  • Evacia – Stevenage
  • Circuitry – St Albans
  • BJ – Croydon

Entrants have been notified and will receive prizes in due course. Please check back for updates.