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INTO ORBIT SM  season results 2018-2019

World Festival Awards – USA

Neil Corrigan, GLIC – Coach Award

Egni (Wales) – Judges’ Award for Thinking Big

L20 (England and UK & I Champions) – 2nd Place Robot Design - Strategy and Innovation

GLIC (Scotland) – 3rd Place Robot Design – Mechanical Design

Griffin Sprog – 3rd Place Core Vales – Teamwork

C.D Imreori (Ireland) – 1st Place Project – Presentation

UK and Ireland Final

Champions’ Award - L2O, friendship group, Bath, England

Second Place award - Tech HeDS, home educated from Chippenham, England

Project Award 1st place - C.D. Imreoiri - Coláiste Daibhéid Cork, Ireland

Project Award 2nd place - Club Tropicana - Endon High School, England

Robot Design Award 1st place - Griffin Sprog - the American School in London

Robot Design Award 2nd place - Black Thunder - Reading School, England

Robot Performance Award 1st place - L2O a group of friends from Bath, England

Robot Performance Award 2nd place - Dreigiau’r Gofod - Space Dragons - Ysgol Morgan Llwyd, Wales

Robot Knockout Award - L2O a group of friends from Bath, England

Core Values Award 1st place - Stewarton Stormers - Stewarton Academy, Scotland

Core Values Award 2nd place - End_Tec - Endon High School, England

Judges’ Award - Space-A-holics - Deeping School, England

Judges’ Award - GLIC from Wallace Hall Academy, Scotland

Bechtel Award for Safety - StE-V3 - Buxton Community School

University of West of England Innovation Award - WELL-TEC - Wellington Home Educators, England

Government Award for Insight into Learning - Past Present Future - St Peter’s C of E Primary School, England

RS Future Engineers Award - Solar Sensors - Wicklow Montessori Primary School, Ireland

Previous UK and Ireland Champions’ Award winners

HYDRO DYNAMICS SM season results 2017-2018

Champions’ Award - GLIC from Wallace Hall Academy - GLIC also won a 1st place teamwork award at World Festival

2016-2017 Animal Allies season

Champions’ Award - B6 Berrelium

2015 - 2016 TRASH TREK SM season

Champions’ Award - West Linton Wasps, West Linton Primary School

2014 - 2015 WORLD CLASS SM season

Champions’ Award - C14 - Independent team

2013 - 2014 NATURE’S FURY SM season

Champions’ Award - Invicta – Independent

Invicta also won the World Festival Champions’ Award in St Louis, USA

2012 - 2013 SENIOR SOLUTIONS SM season

Champions’ Award – Untitled 1, King Edwards School & Ralph Allen School

Untitled 1 also won the World Festival Champions’ Award in St Louis, USA