COVID-19 guidance and support

Everyone at the IET, LEGO Education and FIRST are working hard to anticipate and navigate the uncertainties to ensure we’ll be able to provide every participating team a valuable and enjoyable experience, regardless of learning environments and restrictions this season.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we anticipate that you will encounter unique challenges during the RePLAY and PLAYMAKERS season and we are here to provide support and guidance.

Please find below resources relating to the three divisions to support you in adapting your delivery of FIRST® LEGO® League.

FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge

All regional tournaments to be held remotely (digitally):
  • Teams will not physically attend an event and will instead compete using the Remote Event Hub (see below) from their school, home, etc.
  • It is likely that teams will not be needed for the entire event day and will instead have specific scheduled times for the opening/closing ceremony, their 1x 30min judging session, and their 3x robot games.

Regional tournaments moved to later time of May to July 2021

  • This will allow teams to register later than usual and give them more time to prepare (regionals usually held December – January).

Guidance document for team coaches

  • This guide provides a series of potential solutions to delivering the programme as an extra-curricular or out-of-school group.
  • The guide focuses around four ‘bubble’ scenarios.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment guidance

  • This document provides guidance on the potential risks of spreading COVID-19 associated with running FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge, along with ideas of safety measures that can be put in place to minimise these risks.
  • It aims to assist you in creating a risk assessment specific for an extra-curricular or out-of-school setting.

Digital Interactive Engineering Notebook

  • Teams can share and jointly edit the notebook on cloud/shared drives
  • Interactivity allows for typing notes, uploading images and checking tasks that have been completed
  • Additional to physical guides provided with registration kit.

Wireframe and Grid of RePLAY challenge mat

  • These documents can be used as a scale tool to enable team members to create rough codes for navigating the season mat
  • Intended for team members that cannot access the mat due to distancing or limits on sharing materials.

Remote Event Hub Information and FAQs

  • The Remote Event Hub will be used to enable teams to compete remotely.
  • This document introduces you to the Remote Hub which will launch in December 2020.

Purchase additional RePLAY mats (not including LEGO®)

  • This will enable coaches to spread team members and mission models across a larger (distanced) space
  • Additional mats cost £10.50 + VAT each
  • Contact if you wish to purchase additional mats.