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Children will learn about how structures are built and explore some of the problems of designing buildings for different purposes that can be used by lots of different people.

In this programme, children will think and behave like architects and engineers. They will develop their ability to observe, question, gather information and ask more questions.


Welcome to BOOMTOWN BUILD℠. Your town is growing, and people need more places to live, work and play. Can you design and create new buildings for your town? What new buildings will you need? Who will use the buildings? How will they be used? What do you need to design and build them? How can you improve on your first ideas?

Create and test

Design and build a new town. Use the LEGO® DUPLO® bridge, the mat, and other pieces from the STEAM park set to help you. Show your ideas for how to include places to live, work and play. Test ways to improve on your buildings as you go.


Record your ideas and designs in your Engineering Notebook. Use it and your town buildings to share what you have learned from others. Participate in the Celebration Event, invite your family and friends to a special team meeting.

But most of all... have fun!