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These are your mission models and you need to follow the Build Instructions (found in the Team Resource) to assemble them.

Robot Game

On the tournament day, teams get three attempts at the robot games. This sees the autonomous robot try to score as many points as possible on the challenge mat in two-and-a-half minutes. The Team Meeting Guide and Engineering Notebooks provide all of the details you need for how to score points.

The CITY SHAPER Robot Game.

Here are our top five tips for getting started with the Robot Games.


#1 Check the rules…then check them again

Teams put so much amazing work into their robots, so we hate it when we can’t award points because they didn’t check the rules. Check them thoroughly before starting the building and programming.

#2 Which missions?

There are always missions which are simpler to complete than others. Review the challenge mat. Which are near to home? Which won’t require special attachments? Start with those for an easy win!

#3 Robot Design

We love innovation but don’t feel like you must reinvent the wheel (or tracks). As a starting point, lots of teams use the buggy design from the MINDSTORMS kit. Get used to how it works, then maybe think about an attachment. Can that attachment be used to complete multiple missions?

#4 Don’t run before you can walk (or drive)

The key to any programme is getting to where you want to go. Start by learning basic movements (e.g. drive forward, turn) as there are always simple ‘push’ missions that you can complete with these skills.

#5 Reliability

Whilst you get three attempts at the robot game, we’ve found it’s best to have a few reliable missions that your robot can complete, rather than lots of ‘well it works sometimes’ missions.


#6 We know we said top five but…

…did we mention checking the rules?!?!

Robot Design

During the Robot Design judging session, teams talk about their robot and how it has developed since the start of the season. For some, this is an informal chat, whilst others prepare a short presentation. You’ll need to talk about your mechanical design, programming, strategy and innovation.

The Robot Games and Robot Design each makeup one-quarter of the overall tournament judging and is combined with the following: