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Discover quick route - FIRST® LEGO® League Discover

Who is this for?

This quick route can be used by coaches (alongside the Session Layout on page 13 of your Team Meeting Guide) if you don't have the full 10 hours available for the programme.

How does it work?

It’s really simple! The full programme has 10 sessions labelled 1 – 10 in the Session Layout page of the Team Meeting Guide. If you only have 8 hours, we suggest removing sessions five and seven. This would be your session plan, in this order:

  • Let’s Discover (Session 1)
  • Energy Sources (Session 2)
  • Energy Connections (Session 3)
  • Energy Users (Session 4)
  • Your Energy Story (Session 6)
  • Future Energy (Session 8)
  • Improve Energy Story (Session 9)
  • Let’s Celebrate (Session 10)

These are the sessions we suggest you leave out if you need a quick route through:

  • Fun Fair (Session 5)
  • Electric Car (Session 7)

Quick route tips

Key elements to encourage and allow time for:

  • children to improve on their ideas and designs within the 'Create' part of sessions so they begin to iterate.
  • children to combine their ideas and builds with their teammates to explore building as a team.