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Explore quick route - FIRST® LEGO® League Explore

Who is this for?

This quick route can be used by coaches (alongside the Session Layout on page 8 of your Team Meeting Guide) if you don't have the full 12 hours available for the programme.

How does it work?

It’s really simple! The full programme has 12 sessions labelled 1 – 12 in the Session Layout page of the Team Meeting Guide. If you're short on time we suggest keeping these key sessions, in this order:

  • Energy Journeys (Session 1)
  • Energy Sources (Session 2)
  • Motorize Model (Session 6)
  • Build Team Model (Double session 8-9)
  • Make Team Poster (Double session 10-11)
  • Prepare for Event (Session 12)

These are the sessions we suggest you leave out if you need a quick route through:

  • Energy Connections (Session 3)
  • Energy Consumption (Session 4)
  • Energy Capture (Session 5)
  • Electric Car (Session 7)

Quick route tips

The key elements to cover in FIRST® LEGO® League Explore are:

  • Research the theme
  • Create a team poster
  • Build a LEGO model to show your ideas and solutions
  • Create a moving element by coding a SPIKE Essential