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Virtual IET Faraday® Challenge

This season we have another Virtual IET Faraday® Challenge to give you more ways to get involved in the IET Faraday® Challenge Day programme.

Our IET Faraday® Challenge Day theme partner this season is The Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM).

The Virtual IET Faraday® Challenge is open for anyone between 7-15, young people can do this at home, in school, individually or as a group or family.

Based on a real-world problem, the Virtual IET Faraday® Challenge brings together STEM subjects (science, design and technology, engineering and maths) in an engaging way and encourages the development of young people’s problem solving and communication skills.

This season’s Virtual IET Faraday® Challenge tasks young people to see if they can assist the work of The Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM) in designing a product to help IHEEM members service a children’s hospital.

The brief for the challenge is given by video from our IET Faraday® Challenge Day Challenge Leaders and young people have to demonstrate that they have the engineering skills required to think of a solution and produce a design of their idea. If they want to also build a model of their idea, we would love to see them!

Designed to inspire young people to get creative, there is no time limit, but we will only be able to judge their ideas on what they present to us. Entries need to be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation following the guidance in the brief. The best entries will receive a prize and may even feature on our website.

Do you know someone who is up for the challenge?

Please note, these resources and experiments have been specifically designed to be carried out with adult supervision or direction as appropriate, and it is recommended that the instructions are followed in a safe manner. All resources and experiments are carried out at your own risk.

The challenge

We all know how important doctors and nurses can be in helping us get better but have you ever thought about the thousands of people involved in servicing our healthcare environments? They make the NHS one of the world’s largest employers.

Think of the cleaning, the kitchens, the building and equipment maintenance, the laundry, the heating and air conditioning, movement of patients, the waste management ……… the list is endless and many of the people who do these jobs are members of IHEEM. They use our most up to date scientific and technological developments to maintain the high quality of our healthcare environments and we want you to do the same.

We want you to design something to help our IHEEM members service a children’s hospital. Think of all the things that need doing to ensure the hospital environment meets the highest standards, particularly for children and young people, and consider what you could create to make someone’s job much easier.

Could you help support the work of IHEEM and engineer a solution to our Virtual IET Faraday® Challenge?

Who can enter

The following categories are available to enter:

  • Primary individual entry (aged 7 to 11)
  • Primary group entry (aged 7 to 11)
  • Secondary individual entry (aged 11 to 15)
  • Secondary group entry (aged 11 to 15)
  • Family entry (must be a maximum of 6 people and include no more than two adults and at least one person aged 7 to 15)

The brief

Our IET Faraday® Challenge Day Challenge Leaders, Keira and Phil, will talk you through the brief for the challenge and what is required.

The brief

The submission

Download the submission guidance document to find the full brief and how to enter…and win!

Entries can either be emailed to or sent via The competition will run until July 2022 and entries will be judged monthly.

We will only be able to judge your idea on what you present to us so you will need to think carefully about how you can communicate your ideas to us clearly and concisely.

For any queries, please contact

Good luck engineers!