Age range: 7-11
Duration: 60 or more mins
  • Science
  • D & T
  • Maths

Bake a yule log

Learn how to make a yule log. Use key maths skills to work on the weighing and timing for this delicious Christmas dessert.

The Yule Log is a traditional cake eaten at Christmas. It is thought that this cake originated in France to represent the wooden log that was burned to bring good luck through the winter months. It was hoped that by burning the log and keeping the ashes until the following year, it would ward off evil spirits during the long winter months.   

This is a great activity that brings together baking skills, mathematics and creativity, and tastes delicious!

Download our free activity sheet below to get creative.

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Bake a Yule log

Watch how to bake your own chocolate yule log

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