Age range: 5-7 | 7-11
Duration: 0-29 mins
  • Science
  • D & T

Create a lava lamp

Have a go at our mixtures and density experiment to create fun colour bubbles and explore science

Watch the IET video with ‘Science with Bexy’ and download the free worksheet from our site to join in the fun this Christmas! You can make your very own retro lamp with our easy science experiment to see bubbles float around inside the lamp. Use the science of mixtures to create a lava lamp, find out which mix and which don't in this fun project!

Download our free activity sheet below to get creative.

Oh ho ho, and please do share your experiment highlights with us @IETeducation! #SantaLovesSTEM

Available downloads

Create a lava lamp

Science with Bexy shows us how to create a lava lamp

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