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Meet the Team

Head of Education and Safeguarding

David Lakin
Head of Education, Safeguarding and Education Policy

Education Managers

Holly Margerison-Smith
Education Manager - Website and Resources

Katie Ingrey
Education Manager - Policy

Gavin Woodruff
Education Manager - Sponsorship

IET Faraday® Challenge Days

Natalie Moat
Education Manager - IET Faraday® Challenge Days

Donna Parker
IET Faraday® Challenge Day Coordinator

Camelia La-Fleur
IET Faraday® Challenge Day Admin Assistant


Lucy Owen
Education Manager - FIRST® LEGO® League

Demi Cornell
FIRST® LEGO® League Explore Coordinator

Lizzie Oakley
FIRST® LEGO® League Discover Coordinator

Olivia Oakley
FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Coordinator

Dave Tiebosch
FIRST® LEGO® League Administrator

Stacy Akers
FIRST® LEGO® League Project Coordinator


Nikki Waldock
Budget Coordinator


Sheila Crowley
Education Team Administrator

Marie Neighbour
Website and Resources Administrator

Education Volunteer