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Age Range: 5-7 | 7-11
Duration: 30-59 mins
  • Science

Which animals hibernate?

Play our card activity about animals that hibernate over the winter

Which animals hibernate? Play a fun, science flashcard game to learn about the different animals that hibernate over winter, where they hibernate, what they eat and how long they hibernate for.

Although you might think a hibernating animal is just having a very long sleep, there’s actually some very clever stuff going on inside its body. Its body temperature, heart rate and breathing rate all drop, so that the animal uses less energy.

Play our free animal game to learn more about animals that hibernate – as well as some that don’t. It’s a game for two or more players. If you’re up for an extra activity, try our crossword puzzle that uses words from the game.

A free activity sheet and card templates are available to download below.

And please do share your learning highlights and final creations with us on social media @IETeducation.

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