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Challenge quick route - FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge

Complete FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge in 12 x 1 hour sessions.

Who is this for?

This quick route can be used by coaches (alongside the Session Layout on page 7 of your Team Meeting Guide) if you don’t have the full 2.5 hours available per session for the programme.

How does it work?

Split your team into two groups and have each group complete one of the team tasks (1 hour) within each session. One group completes the robot activity part of the team task, whilst the other group completes the project activities.

Quick route tips

  • Swap over the robot and project tasks so that each group gets a chance to experience both elements of FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge.
  • The two main focuses for FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge are:
    • building and coding a LEGO Education robot
    • researching the theme and identifying a problem along with a solution for the project.
  • For the Robot tasks:
    • Build the Challenge mission models and attach to the Robot Game mat.
    • Design and build the LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime robot to complete missions and score as many points as possible.
    • Pick a mission strategy for the team that suits them best according to their own time and setting
  • For the Project tasks:
    • Research the theme and identify a problem that needs solving
    • Create a team Innovation Project presentation explaining the solution
  • Encourage and allow time for the groups to share with each other what they have done during their tasks during the ‘Share’ time.
  • Remember to use and apply the FIRST Core Vales and engineering design process.
  • Prepare for the Challenge event by practising the Robot Game and judging presentation (which covers the Robot Design, Innovation Project and Core Values).

If you have any questions, please visit our Team Resources web page and don’t hesitate to contact us at