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Primary adventure magazine

The first issue ‘Zoom to the Moon’ is now live but there is a whole series to keep coming back for so grab your 7-11 year olds and get them started on these exciting adventures which will help with their reading, problem solving, teamwork, communication, STEM skills and more.

Come back soon for the next magazine in this series and see if your students can solve all of the problems that they encounter on their next journey.

We’d love to hear from you so please do share any feedback on this new primary magazine with us at or share your photos with us on social media @IETEducation.

Zoom to the Moon

Zoom is a little alien who's got lost and ended up on Earth. He needs your help to build a spaceship to get him home. 

Can you help get Zoom home to the moon?

Students must think like an engineer to work their way through the magazine deciding on the best use of materials, fuel and communication methods for their space rocket to get Zoom back where he belongs. 

Join us on this exciting adventure and find out about a range of energising careers on the way to inspire your students and open their minds to a whole new universe of engineering jobs in Space!

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