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Real engineers

Follow in their footsteps

I fancy a career in engineering but I'm not sure, what is involved? Engineering sounds interesting but what exactly can I do with it? What is it like to go behind the scenes at various engineering organisations? 

Find out what you really want to know about the type of person you have to be to get into engineering, including what their typical day involves; what qualifications they needed; who or what inspired them to become engineers; and the biggest implications their work has both now and in the future. 

Rob Edmunds

Rob is a Test solutions team leader at Selex ES. His interest in maths and design at school, along with his love of gadgets and electronics led him into engineering.

Thomas Unthank

Ever wondered what it is like to work at BAE Systems? Thomas explains his role as a technical apprentice at their Rochester site.

Lydia Feasey

Lydia, a mechanical technician at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, shows us around her place of work in this careers video.

Chris Bellamy

Get an insider's view of what it is like to work at Jaguar Land Rover from Chris, one of their graduate engineers, currently working on product development.

Christina Dines

Christina talks through her experiences as a technical apprentice and her route into the career she loves.

Abbie Hutty

Meet Abbie Hutty, a spacecraft structures engineer at Airbus Defence and Space. Abbie is part of a team working on a Mars Rover mission looking for life on other planets.

Engineering case studies

When you think of an engineer what image comes into your head? Is it that of a middle-aged man in a hard hat? Well...think again.

From structural engineers to environmental and energy engineers, we gave a number of engineers a video camera for a day.

We asked them to film themselves both at work and during their leisure time to provide you and your students with a realistic picture of what it takes to become an engineer - the sort of person you need to be, the amount of time you are at work, and how much free time you get. We also asked a few other engineers to tell us what makes their role as an engineer so special. 


Short interview with Chani who describes her route into engineering which allowed her to bring together her two passions for science and creativity.


A brief interview with Daryl who describes how his love of problem-solving and learning how things work led to him becoming an engineer. 


Video diary from Irene, an Environmental Engineer looking at building design and ways in which we can future proof our buildings in preparation for climate change.


Video diary from Jonathan, a Structural Design Engineer, who designs all sorts of buildings from hospitals to skyscrapers to bridges to ensure they will stand up.


Video diary from Katy, a Structural Engineer, who shares her working day between the office and on-site developments to oversee the stability and structure of buildings.


Richard is a Mechanical Engineer. His video diary highlights his role which involves making sure that the environment of buildings are comfortable for people to work in. 


A positive role model for women in engineering. Rukhsana explains how her advice to all would be to 'go for it.'


Shivaji talks about how his role in environmental engineering enables him to travel the world and contribute to solving important issues.


Video diary from Tom, an Energy Engineer, specialising in renewable energy such as wind turbines and solar panels.

Born to engineer

Were you born to engineer?

It does not matter what your interests and passions are, from sport to healthcare – there is an exciting and rewarding role for you in Engineering.

These videos have been produced by creative video producers duckrabbit, under the sponsorship of the ERA Foundation, the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, and the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Orla Murphy

Eleanor Stride

Adrian Westaway

Nina Parsons

Sam Fraser

Alice Martin

George Edwards

Andrew Robertson

Yusuf Muhammad

Faye Banks

John Wheal

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