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Age Range: 16+
  • Engineering

Electrical and electronic principles

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8.1 Principles of electrical and electronic systems.

  • Flow of electrons
  • Charges
  • Energy
  • Power
  • Networks
  • Force
  • Current
  • Waves
  • Conduction
  • Magnetism (flux density, field strength)
  • Inductance
  • Standard units of measure
  • Voltage
  • AC and DC
  • Resistance
  • Potential dividers
  • Basic electrical elements
  • Ohm's law (series, parallel and combination circuits)
  • Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws
  • Phasor diagrams
  • Protection systems (lightning arrestors, time graded over current protection, distance protection)
  • Resistors, capacitors and inductors in series, parallel, and combined circuits
  • Semiconductors (forward and reverse bias, N-type and P-type)
  • Hierarchical design
  • Signal types (analogue, digital)
  • Signal waveforms (sinusoidal, square, rectangular, triangular, sawtooth)
  • Signal processing and conditioning
  • Fan in and fan out

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