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Age Range: 16+
  • Engineering

Engineering and manufacturing control systems

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10.1 Principles and applications of control system theory.

  • Input
  • Process (logic gates (AND, OR, NOT), timer, comparator, pulse unit, counter, latch)
  • Output
  • Signal
  • Feedback
  • Open and closed loop systems
  • Transfer function
  • Summing points
  • Analogue
  • Digital
  • Pulse width and amplitude modulation
  • How control systems are represented in diagrams
  • Applications - electrical 
  • Applications - pneumatic
  • Applications - hydraulic
  • Measured parameters (pressure flow, temperature, speed, position)

10.2 How sensors and actuators are used in automation control systems.

  • Sensors and actuators – types (analogue, digital, active, passive)
  • Applications (switches, proximity sensors, laser, vision systems)
  • Power sources
  • Uses in automation – Position and volume of objects being processed
  • Mechanised lifting and moving of objects
  • Measurement applications (electrical, mechanical, thermal, chemical, biological, optical, acoustic, radiation)

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