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Age Range: 11-14
Duration: 60 or more mins
  • D&T
  • Engineering
  • Physics

Introductory briefing video

Super simple fun science experiments

These four fun science experiments using magnets are quick and easy to set up, suitable for learning at home or school.

Learners will measure the effects of magnetism as magnets pass through tubes made of different materials; create a visual demonstration of Chaos theory with magnets affecting the swing of a pendulum; feel “attract” and “repel” forces of magnetism by placing magnets on either side of their hand, and use the magnetic field to make an object move as if it is alive.


These four practical experiments demonstrate various different scientific principles related to magnets and magnetism, including:

  • electromagnetic induction
  • magnetic fields
  • chaos theory.

These activities could be used as a starter or main activity to introduce the effects of magnetism and magnetic fields, or as one of several activities within a wider scheme of learning focusing on different types of forces. These experiments could also be used as an introduction to power generation or the potential uses of magnets in Design and Technology and Engineering projects.

Tools/resources required

  • Projector/Whiteboard
  • Magnet kit
    • 2 neodymium magnets
    • plastic radiator pipe sleeves
    • copper plumbing pipe
  • Sticky tape
  • Blu-tack
  • Steel nut
  • Cotton thread
  • Chairs

Download the free activity sheet below!

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This activity sheet was developed with the support and participation of the School of Engineering at Cardiff University.

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