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Age Range: 16+
  • Engineering

Working within the engineering and manufacturing sectors

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1.1 Key principles and methodologies in engineering and manufacturing design.

  • Types of manufacturing process (wasting, forming, shaping, joining, finishing, additive)
  • Fitness for purpose (influences on design and manufacture, functional requirements, environmental requirements)
  • User requirements (design brief, specification, needs to be met)
  • Approaches to design (linear design, iterative design, inclusive design, user centred design, ergonomic design, design for manufacture, design for assembly, sustainable design, 6Rs (reduce, refuse, rethink, repair, reuse, recycle))
  • Research and testing methodologies
  • Methods of communicating design requirements to technical and non-technical audiences

1.2 The role of maintenance, repair and installation in engineering.

  • Types of maintenance activity (planned, reactive, preventative, condition-based monitoring),
  • Roles and functions (machine operator, maintenance engineer, maintenance manager)
  • Operations (monitoring, repair, shutdown, servicing)
  • Tools and equipment (mechanical (hand tools, portable power tools), electrical/electronic (hand tools, soldering irons), measurement devices, instrumentation and gauges)
  • Installation requirements (provision of services, commissioning)
  • Developments in maintenance (influence of new technologies, environmental influences)

1.3 Approaches to manufacturing, processing and control.

  • Scale of manufacture (one off, batch, mass, continuous)
  • Infrastructure (functional, product and matrix arrangements, cellular manufacture, production lines)
  • Level of automation (manual, computer assisted manufacture (CAM), fully automated, robotics

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