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People we work with

Association for Science Education (ASE)

The professional association for science teachers. The ASE provides a range of resources, training and networking opportunities including the annual and regional conferences.


Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

The prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarships programme is run by The Smallpeice Trust. Around 400 Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are awarded each year to sixth form students intending to pursue engineering careers.

CREST Awards

CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers.  CREST projects allow students to be creative with their STEM project-based work and find solutions to questions they care about.


EDT is a UK wide education charity, working in collaboration with industry, educators and partners to provide over 40,000 STE(A)M experiences for young people each year.

Industrial Cadets is a key component to EDT’s portfolio. Industrial Cadets accredited programmes include experience days, projects and placements; providing opportunities through education to employment. These quality experiences inspire young minds, encourage attainment and bridge the gap between industry and education.


EESW is an independent registered charity running schemes to inspire and motivate young people in Wales aged 8 - 19 to choose careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Engineering in Motion

F1 in Schools, 4x4 in Schools and SUBS in Schools are all programmes which get children designing, building and testing vehicles to bring STEM learning to life in the classroom and beyond in these cross-curricular challenges.  


ESP is a collaboration of Scotland’s colleges and industry partners, established to increase Scotland’s capability and capacity to deliver the right skills for the energy, engineering and construction sectors to meet industry demand. ESP works to promote STEM initiatives in colleges around Scotland.

Fun Kids Radio

Fun Kids is a national radio station providing entertaining and informative programmes for children, available across the UK through DAB digital radio, online at and through smart speakers.


The highly successful Greenpower challenge to design, build and race a single-seat electric car provides young people with a unique hands-on opportunity to engage in STEM.

Institute of Physics (IOP)

Promoting physics and bringing physicists together for the benefit of all. The IOP provides a range of resources, funding, training and networking opportunities for physics teachers.

Kids Invent Stuff

Kids Invent Stuff is the YouTube channel where 5-11 year olds have the chance to get their invention ideas built by real engineers. This gives more primary school kids the chance to engage with real engineering projects.

National Saturday Club

Across the UK, the National Saturday Club gives 13–16 year olds the opportunity to study subjects they love for free at their local university, college or cultural institution. In 2018/19 there were 78 Saturday Clubs and 1,600 Club members in 58 locations across the UK.

Primary Engineer®

Primary Engineer® is an educational not-for-profit organisation founded in 2005 which aims to engage both Primary and Secondary school pupils and teachers with the vast and inspirational work of engineering and technology. We work with business and industry across the UK to help develop a future, diverse generation of engineering and technology professionals. 



Project Enthuse is a funding partnership that allows the provision of subject-specific Continuing Professional Development (CDP) for teachers, technicians and other support staff at the National STEM Learning Centre in York and through partners in Northern Ireland (Department of Education Northern Ireland), Scotland (SSERC) and Wales (Techniquest).


Teach First

Teach First aims to end educational inequality. It finds, trains and supports new teachers to work in low-income communities, developing these new teachers to become leaders in schools and to inspire the children toward the future they want.

The Big Bang Fair

The Big Bang Fair is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for young people in the UK. The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair is an award-winning combination of exciting theatre shows, interactive workshops and exhibits, together with careers information for school groups and families, provided by a wide range of people who are working in the field.

The Department of Education

The Department of Education is working with the IET and other engineering bodies on a new teacher training initiative specifically designed to train engineers to teach physics. 

By bringing their real world experience into the classroom, engineers can help to inspire a whole new generation of young people to become the engineers of the future.

The Design and Technology Association

The professional association for design and technology teachers. The association provides a range of resources, training and networking opportunities including the D&T Summer School.

The Learning Foundation

The IET and The Learning Foundation are building a digital poverty alliance with the aim of ending digital poverty in the UK.

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation

The BBC Micro:bit device is a tiny, inexpensive computer that forms a bridge between abstract concepts and tangible experiences in the classroom.  The Micro:bit Educational Foundation provides a supporting free educational package for teaching computing and digital skills to children from 7 to 14.


Tomorrow's Engineers

Tomorrow's Engineers is a collaborative project from the engineering community to promote engineering careers to young people, their teachers and their parents.  It includes high quality careers resources, STEM enrichment activities and builds links between employers and schools.


The Scouts give almost half a million young people- of all genders, races and backgrounds – the skills they need for life.