How you can make a difference – go greener with our cardboard creator challenge



Watch our Christmas video and become an eco-inventor to help Santa #SaveTheNorthPole

Voiced by Andy Day (children’s TV presenter) and Richard Ridings (Daddy Pig in Peppa Pig), we want to take children on a Christmas journey to help us create a more sustainable world.

This year’s festive film from the IET hopes to share the magic of Christmas and commitment to engineer a better, sustainable world with the help of the next generation of innovators.

Find out about our challenge below!

Kids Christmas competiton

Why not take part in our cardboard box design challenge?

Starting with a cardboard box, we’re asking children to  consider all the possible creations they’d like to make.

No idea is too big! Our challenge is suitable for primary and secondary children, just use our dedicated design sheets to help you inspire kids to use  STEM skills and get creative.

Why not make a castle with a drawbridge, use a Micro:bit from school in the design, or reuse recycled and everyday objects around the home to create a fun, STEM masterpiece this festive season?

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Kids Christmas competiton

Design Santa a new super sleigh

Our competition to design Santa a new super sleigh is now closed, but keep watching this space for the big reveal!

We teamed up with Kids Invent Stuff to help children discover their inner eco-inventor. We were looking for an inspired design idea for Santa’s super sleigh to help him travel the earth in a more eco-friendly way. Thank you to all who entered.

We’ve now selected a winner from all the excellent entries received and their creative design is now being made in real life, ready to be put to the test on video. We’ll be announcing the winner and revealing the videos of their design being made and tested very shortly so watch this space for more fun!

Kids competition

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