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Age Range: 5-7 | 7-11 | 11-14
Duration: 30-59 mins | 60 or more mins
  • Engineering

Eye spy

Play eye spy and tick off the items as you sit in the car. Our activity sheet has questions to get you chatting with family and friends about what you've learned too!

Play a fun game of eye spy this Christmas with our free resource. Use our activity sheets, watch out the window and tick off all the items you spot on the drive.

To play the game, simply download and print out the game and answer sheets. Alternatively, you can save them on a laptop or tablet for a paperless option.

There are two versions, one for younger children and one for those slightly older - with questions to discuss along the way and answer sheets to solve any mysteries.

What are the benefits of Eye Spy?

Eye Spy offers several benefits for children’s development and learning. It enhances observation skills as children actively search and identify objects based on given clues or descriptions; This boosts their attention to detail and promotes visual discrimination.

This activity will also improve vocabulary as children learn to name and describe objects they find and reinforce phonics skills by encouraging them to recognise initial sounds or letters.

Additionally, Eye Spy fosters cognitive skills such as problem-solving, memory, and concentration and provides an interactive and engaging experience, making it an enjoyable educational activity for children.

Download our free activity sheet below and get spying!

All activity sheets and supporting resources are free to download, and all the documents are fully editable so that you can tailor them to your students and your schools’ needs.

The activity sheet includes teacher notes, guidance, helpful web links, and links (where appropriate) to the national curriculum in the four devolved UK nations; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Oh ho ho, please share your learning highlights with us @IETeducation! #SantaLovesSTEM

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