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Innovation Project - FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge

Each year, teams are set the challenge to conduct an innovation project in which they have to:

  • Identify a problem based on the annual theme
  • Design an innovative solution to the problem
  • Share the problems and solution with others

On the tournament day, teams deliver a five-minute presentation to judges in which they demonstrate how they have identified, designed and shared across their project. This may include bringing a prototype of the solution they have invented.

The Team Meeting Guide and Engineering Notebooks provide all the details you need, but here are our top five tips for getting started with the Innovation Project.

#1 Not sure where to start?

The Robot Game mat provides many examples of problems that are faced around the annual theme. It’s not just lots of pretty LEGO®.

#2 So we’ve got our problem…now what?

The engineering design process or the scientific method are great methods to use to tackle your problem. There are lots of variations but basically Explore, Design, Create, Try it out, Make it Better.

#3 Share!? But I’m not best friends with a marine micropaleontologist...

You don’t have to worry about finding a really specific expert. Sharing your project with anyone who works in STEM will enable you to gain feedback about your solution (and you may even teach them something new!)

#4 Musical numbers, milk carton jetpacks, and a Pot Noodle

When it comes to the presentation we have seen it all! From catchy tunes, props and costumes, or colourful posters, you can get as creative as you like (just remember to cover all the essential information as well!)

#5 Plan B

Technology is great, but we all know that sometimes it doesn’t like to behave. If you’re relying on technology for your presentation, make sure you have a Plan B ready in case it doesn’t work.

The Innovation Project makes up one-quarter of the overall tournament judging and is combined with the following: