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Robot Design - FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge

On the event day, teams will present their Robot Design to judges, covering areas such as the build, programming and strategy.

Teams will be judged against the scoresheets or RUBRICS, which can be found on the Team Resources page.

Here are our top five tips for Robot Design:

#1 Innovation

We love innovation but don’t feel like you must reinvent the wheel (or tracks). As a starting point, lots of teams use the driving base 1 unit in the SPIKE Prime app. Get used to how it works, then maybe think about an attachment. Can that attachment be used to complete multiple missions?

#2 Sense your surroundings

A great step forward for your build and programming is adding a sensor. Can you follow a line with the colour sensor or stop at a specific spot with the touch/force sensor? Follow the LEGO® Education lesson plans to build your skills and transfer these to the Robot Game missions.

#3 The judges know nothing

Okay, they know some things but always presume that they know nothing about your robot or how you programmed it. Think about how you can explain your build and programs in a way that they will understand even if they’ve never seen a piece of LEGO before.

#4 Failure is great

It really is! Failure allows you to see what doesn’t work and what you need to improve. Tell the judges about the various stages the robot and programs have gone through and how you’ve improved them at each point.

#5 Teamwork makes the dream work

Whilst the whole team may not be master builders or programmers, it’s important to show judges how everyone in the team has been involved and enhanced their skills throughout the Challenge season.


The Robot Games make up one-quarter of the overall tournament judging and is combined with the following: