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Partners - FIRST® LEGO® League

Our FIRST® LEGO® League team at the IET is a tiny proportion of the whole FIRST® LEGO® League community.

We’re proud to work with some incredible partners! Meet some of them below.


ESP is our delivery partner in Scotland. They deliver all three FIRST® LEGO® League divisions all across Scotland, working with regional colleges and STEM Hubs and hosting the FIRST® LEGO® League Scotland National Final.

ESP is instrumental in promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) with both Scotland’s colleges and its strategic partners. 

This has resulted in the colleges having a lead role in establishing the Regional STEM Hub Partnerships (a collaboration of relevant partners across all regions of Scotland). 

Consequently, ESP is an active member of the STEM Hub Steering Group and has convened a college STEM Leads’ Forum to support the development of Regional Strategies and Action Plans.


LearnIt is our delivery partner in Ireland. They deliver all three FIRST® LEGO® League divisions across the Republic of Ireland, provide local training for teachers, and host the FIRST® LEGO® League All-Ireland National Final.

LearnIt gives children aged 6–16 years the best possible start in life by helping them explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and other subjects in new, fun and innovative ways that supplement and enhance their school education.

Through their award-winning camps and workshops, children not only gain a deeper understanding of STEM subjects, but they also learn how to think creatively, solve problems and work as a team, all key skills which can be applied to other subjects and brought with them into adulthood.