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Age Range: 16+
  • Engineering

Project and programme management

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17.1 Principles of project management.

  • Principles – Project brief, project goals, success criteria, project life cycle (initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting, evaluation), constraints
  • Risk management (budget, cost, quality, time, safety, resource availability, communication, reputation, changing requirements)
  • Collaborative working (matrix working, collaborative technologies)

17.2 Roles and responsibilities in projects.

  • Roles – Stakeholders (clients, regulators), project manager, team members
  • Responsibilities – Communication, monitoring, planning, finance, reporting

17.3 Project planning and control.

  • Planning – Resource requirements (time, budget, human resources, training needs, communication needs, production facilities)
  • Planning – Gantt charts
  • Planning – critical path analysis (CPA), management of interdependencies
  • Planning – project evaluation review technique (PERT)
  • Planning – contingency planning
  • Control – Monitoring reports (budget, quality, cost, time), manage by stages, manage by exception

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