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Age Range: 5-7
Duration: 30-59 mins
  • Maths
  • D & T

Make an advent calendar

A graphics project making an advent calendar

Make an advent calendar for Christmas in this fun and festive graphics project for kids!

Students will use a net of an Advent calendar and add their creative designs, learning to count from 1 to 24.

This activity could be a primary lesson to teach learners how to use nets to make useable objects. It could also be used as one of several activities within a wider scheme of learning focusing on the use of nets in maths and engineering, or just a fun task to do at home. 

Activity: Make an advent calendar

This is one of a series of free STEM resources designed to allow learners to use Christmas themes to support the teaching of the primary National Curriculum. They are designed to support the delivery of key topics within maths and design and technology.

This resource supports counting and practical skills as students will make a graphics project from a net. Nets are essential in engineering as they allow 3D objects to be made when folded.

Printable templates are available for a single-door advent calendar and a double-door version, which is more straightforward. If learners use the single-door version, they should cut out the solid lines and fold the dotted line.

It is possible to change the sequence of the steps for creative purposes. Learners could cut out their doors and then apply graphics to the rear of the handout, turning it around so that this becomes the front. This allows the potential for more creative designs.

As an optional extension activity, students could design their own calendar door layout and design.

Learners will complete their DIY advent calendar by themselves. Once they have completed the activity, they will show their advent calendar to a peer, who will identify three good things about it and one thing to be improved.

These homemade advent calendars are a great way for students to practice counting the days.

Tools/resources required

  • A4 paper and card
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Rulers
  • Drawing and colouring equipment

The engineering context

Engineers must use mathematics knowledge and skills regularly as part of their regular job. They use nets to make scale models of buildings and other structures and packaging for different products.

Suggested learning outcomes

By the end of this activity, students will be able to make a graphic product by cutting and folding a net, and they will be able to count from 1 to 24.

Download the free Make an advent calendar activity sheet below!

All activity sheets and supporting resources are free to download, and all the documents are fully editable, so you can tailor them to your students’ and your schools’ needs.

The activity sheet includes teacher notes, guidance, useful web links, and links (where appropriate) to the national curriculum in each of the four devolved UK nations; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Oh ho ho, and please do share your creative highlights with us @IETeducation #SantaLovesSTEM


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