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Challenge and season information - FIRST® LEGO® League Discover

This season’s theme is MASTERPIECE℠

Children will learn about how people’s passion for the arts is shared through STEM.


This season puts the A in STEAM as children will learn about how people’s passion for the arts is shared through STEM.

Children will work together in teams of four to explore the theme and use DUPLO pieces from the MASTERPIECE Discover sets and LEGO Education STEAM Park.

In FIRST® LEGO® League Discover, children are given meaningful problems to solve. They work together to wonder and question, build and tinker, listen and share.

By the end of their experience, children emerge more confident and better equipped to face future challenges.



Your team need to explore how people share what they love to do with others.

Think about the different places where ideas are shared, who you share them with and the people behind the scenes which make these experiences happen.

Build and create

Your team will use elements from the STEAM Park set to build their ideas. They will create their own place to share their interests and will consider the audience.

They will test and improve their designs and creations.


The children will record their ideas and designs in their Engineering Notebooks.

They will share their builds and what they learned with others.

Most importantly they will have fun!

Playful learning in action

FIRST® LEGO® League Discover focuses on playful learning in action.

Research shows when children are engaged in playful STEM experiences, they ignite their natural curiosity, grow their knowledge, and develop key habits of learning.

Engineering design process

Throughout every session, children will work through the engineering design process, just like real engineers do!

They will be exploring the theme and ideas, creating solutions, testing them, iterating and changing them, and then sharing what they’ve learned with others.

Quick routes guide

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