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For parents - FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge

FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge has an amazing impact on the young people who get involved.

Throughout the programme, teams get to:

  • Research real-world problems, based on an annual theme.
  • Design, build and program autonomous robots.
  • Apply real-world maths and science concepts.
  • Develop teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Participate in tournaments and celebrations. 

How do I get my child involved?

  • If in school, talk with your child’s teachers about getting involved in the programme
  • Is your child part of a youth organisation (e.g. Guides, Scouts)? We have lots of these groups that take part at the tournaments. Talk with the group leader about getting involved
  • Our 2018/19 UK and Ireland Champion team were a friendship group, led by a parent coach.

Is your child already taking part in the FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge? Here are some ideas on how you can support them:

#1 Become a Team Mentor

Have a background in STEM? Become a mentor for your child’s team. Attend team meetings as they work on the challenges and provide guidance from your real-world experiences.

#2 Fundraise

From investing in more LEGO®, to helping with transport costs, fundraising can be a key endeavour for a team. Whether it’s through baking a cake, or having a spring clean of the wardrobes, you’ll find a way to help them reach their goals. 

#3 Talk with them

You don’t have to have loads (or any) knowledge of the challenge to be able to talk through what your child’s team have been doing. In fact, having your child teach you new things is fantastic for building up their self-belief and confidence!

#4 Taxi service, head chef or fashion designer

Whilst not always the most glamorous jobs, shuttling team members, making a packed lunch, or sewing a badge onto a t-shirt are all tasks that enable teams to take part in their tournaments.