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Teachers and team coaches - FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge

Team coaches are a huge part of what makes FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge possible. Whether you are a teacher, parent or volunteer we want to say a massive thank you!

You are enabling your team to engage in a fun, positive experience that will enhance their skills for the future.

Role of the team coaches

As the team coach, you are the primary contact for the team, receiving all the information about the challenge and tournaments. You will be responsible for a range of elements including:

  • Registering your team and paying the registration fee (if applicable)
  • Choosing your team members
  • Deciding when the team will meet, where they have access to the equipment that they need (e.g. computer, challenge mat)
  • Organise the logistics of attending the tournaments
  • Complete related paperwork for the team (e.g. media consent, risk assessment).

Coaching a team for the first time can have its tricky moments, but when you bring your team to the tournament and see them caught up in an electric atmosphere celebrating their STEM work, you’ll be hooked!

Here are some simple dos and don’ts of being a team coach:



Motivate your team Do the work for them
Help them organise themselves Teach them everything they need to know
Reassure them Make decisions on the direction of the Innovation Project, Robot Game or Robot Design strategy
Make sure they comply with the competition rules  
Support them with a light touch when they encounter challenges