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Cover lesson resources for primary

Are you ever asked to provide cover at the last minute and then have to search to find a suitable lesson plan? Perhaps the cover lesson you have been asked to do is out of your immediate area of teaching expertise? Maybe you are looking for a really exciting lesson to do with those students whose teacher has got called away?

For help with science, design and technology, and maths, look no further as we can certainly help! 

On this page you can find inspiration for your cover lessons with complete activities that are ready to go and with various durations to suit your school day. All resources are fully editable so you can adapt or change as you see fit but the main thing is that you can download them and start your lesson almost immediately!  From designing a sports logo to block printing or completing the National Grid. With minimal (if any!) preparation time you really can be ready for anything!

Please do share your learning highlights with us on social media @IETeducation and if you have further suggestions for cover lessons that we can add here then please let us know so that we can help fellow teachers and colleagues.