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Summer sports 2024

The Summer 2024 sees both the Mens' Euros football and Olympics with a wide variety of sporting events taking place across Germany and France.

We believe that sports and STEM subjects go together like a bat and ball, so we have developed some fun resources to show young learners the link between the two and help you to celebrate this special sporting event in your school. There is something for everyone as we combine a love of games with engineering, showcasing a variety of ways that STEM influences sports as well as different STEM career paths.

So why not celebrate the different countries coming together and make some international flag biscuits; create a podcast for the one of the events; or even design the sports stadium of the future?

All of our activities come with lesson plans and presentations that are mapped to the curricula and a great excuse to get your class excited about sports and active in the classroom.

And please do share your learning highlights and final creations with us on social media @IETeducation or send them via email to