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Age Range: 5-7 | 7-11
Duration: 0-29 mins
  • Science

Reindeer treat chemical reactions

Experiment to find out which substances effect oxidation of apples

Thinking about what snack to leave out for Santa and his reindeers on Christmas Eve? In our activity we suggest cut-up apples but experiment with ways to prevent discolouration. Using different substances such as saltwater, lemon juice and milk, students will test their maths and science skills and learn about oxidisation, acids, alkalis and more.

Download the activity sheet below. If you’re up for an extra activity, try our fun maze to guide one of Santa’s reindeers to the apple slices.   

And please do share your learning highlights and final creations with us on social media @IETeducation #SantaLovesSTEM or send them via email to to be featured in our online gallery.

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