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Secondary posters

Free to download, or order to have delivered directly to your door, our classroom posters cover a range of topics from Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity to working drawings and nanotechnology.

All posters are updated and the collection is added to on a regular basis, so check back for new ones.

There is now a range of videos available in British Sign Language to support some of our posters and explain the basic concepts behind them.

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3D printing

Looking at the 3D printing process and how it can be used to make everyday objects.

Artificial intelligence

Looking at artificial intelligence and its applications in the modern world.

Bubble engineering

Professor Eleanor Stride explains her innovative research using bubble engineering.

Circuits and symbols

A handy list of basic components and symbols in a circuit.

Core maths for designers

Learn about the core maths principles and equations essential in design.

Current and resistance

Illustrating the concepts of current and resistance, their measurements and affecting factors.


Find out about cybersecurity and how it affects the world we live in.

Electrical symbols

Common electrical and electronic symbols to use in technical drawings. 

Innovations timeline

Key electronics achievements and innovations through the ages.

Engineer a better world

Find out more about the ‘Engineer a Better World’ campaign.


Discover the excitement of robotics and STEM with FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge.

Future travel

Exploring the green solution possibilities for future travel.

Maths for DT

Find out about the equations and formulae needed for D&T.

Maths for Engineering

Find out about the equations and formulae needed for engineering.


A quick look at the individual components of the BBC micro:bit and how you can use it in your classroom.

Modelling methods

Find out how designers use models to understand how their ideas will look and function.


Exploring the uses for nanotechnology in everyday life.


Calculating the rate of transfer of energy for both mechanical and electrical power.

Programmable components

Find out what programmable components are and where they are used.

Save the earth

A useful introduction to sustainability for any eco-warrior.

Systems thinking

Think about inputs, processes and outputs of intelligent systems.

The Bionic Body

Keeping you fit and healthy with wearable tech, implants and prosthetics.

User centered design

A design process focusing on the needs of the user at each stage.


Learn about the concept of potential difference through analogy.

Working drawings

Find out more about working drawings and how they are created.

Download only

Celebrating black engineers

Highlighting black engineers throughout history and celebrating their contributions to the world of STEM.

Influential women engineers

A look at how women are involved in the engineering industry.

Everyday engineering

Poster on everyday life, engineering and how it touches human lives. 

Love engineering

Ten reasons to love engineering poster.

You and engineering

The routes into an engineering career.

This is engineering

A set of 6 posters to bring engineering to life.

Green Engineering Careers Poster Set

A set of inspiring green engineering careers posters showing how engineers transform the way we travel, eat, use, and power things. Includes suggested discussion points and homework tasks.                                                               

Posteri gyrfaoedd peirianneg gwyrdd

Set o bosteri gyrfaoedd peirianneg gwyrdd ysbrydoledig sy’n dangos sut mae peirianwyr yn trawsnewid y ffordd rydym yn teithio, bwyta, defnyddio a phweru pethau. Gyda phwyntiau trafod awgrymedig a thasgau gwaith cartref.