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Undercover engineers podcast

From shark detection technology and artificial reefs for marine wildlife to the latest real-life cyber crime, nano materials and smartwatches saving lives, you can get thinking about what will be next.

Kick start your way to making a difference and help engineer a better world.

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Engineering the next mile

With more traffic than ever before, keeping the miles of roads moving is a huge engineering feat.

We talk to Georgina Andrew and Andy Graham about the technology driving us into the future.

Animal Architects

Engineers are responsible for building and maintaining habitats for all zoo animals but also consider the welfare and safety of the zookeepers and the millions of visitors.

We learnt more about ‘life support engineers’ when Libby spoke to Ian Palgrave-Neath at Chester Zoo.

Radical racing

Formula 1 engineers do more than maintain powerful engines and change tires!

We catch up with Thomas Critchlow, a design engineer at McLaren, to talk about sustainability, data analysis and keeping all four wheels on the ground! 

Underwater engineering

We talk to Stewart Fairbairn from the National Oceanography Centre about the autonomous and robotic systems used for underwater exploration.  

Festive deliveries

Ever wondered how technology powers the Post Office?

Join us as we chat with Corinne Galloway and Andy Richmond, delving into the past, present, and future of deliveries. Don't be a baa humbug—tune in while you wait for your postie!

Heritage engineering

Engineering includes protecting things that are important to us, keeping them safe and in good condition for future generations to enjoy.

Will Stratford tell us about their project to repair steam locomotives and the Watercress Line – a heritage railway in Hampshire.  

Future fuels

New green fuels are revolutionising renewable energy and have the potential to power vehicles, industry and homes for many years to come.

Titi Oliyide tells us about this new energy source and how she’s helping to make the transition as safe as possible.

Artificial intelligence

AI allows machines to learn, think and make decisions like humans, but in their own unique way.

We talk to Dr Mayank Kejriwal who tells us the advantages and limitations of using AI in modern life.

Facing down floods

In the UK we are used to rain all year round but with heavy rain becoming more frequent, flooding will follow creating new challenges for our engineers. 

We talk to Jamie Cobb about the first ‘smart canal’ in Europe, which uses modern technology on our ancient waterways to control the flow of water to our benefit.

Home health

Home testing kits are becoming more and more commonplace detecting different conditions from blood sugar levels to pregnancy and diseases.

We talk to Ama Frimpong, winner of the Young Woman Engineer 2022, who's work includes the next generation of medical diagnostic devices that test for blood poisoning and save lives!

Race to space!

This months episode is out of this world! Take a journey into the unknown as we learn about new exciting innovations in space technology.

Dr Larissa Suzuki tells us about working with NASA to develop a ‘space internet’ to turbo charge communications with the ISS and beyond!

The Royal Mint

What does King Charles III ascension mean for our coinage and future production? 

We caught up with Craig Lancett at the Royal Mint to find out about the engineering transforming the face of our pocket change.

Future foods

Food! We all need it to survive and, as the population grows, we’ll need more and more! Producing enough for everyone in the future is going to be a huge challenge.

In this episode hydrologist Nadav Tal explains how engineers are playing their part to help feed the planet.


In this bonus podcast, we continue talking to our robotics expert Eneni Bambara-Abban about her journey into engineering and the experiences she had along the way as a young black female.

We discover why inclusivity and diversity are important in industry and how there is room for all.  

Remarkable robotics

You might think 'robotics' means a humanoid machine doing the housework or carrying out other daily tasks, but robotics actually covers all different kinds of machines designed to do a wide range of very specific jobs.

Eneni Bambara-Abban is a robotics expert, who tells us why it’s such an exciting field of engineering to work in.

Colour me happy

Lighting is undergoing a radical change in a mission to help improve our environment, which could lead to us being healthier and more cheerful in our everyday lives!

We learn about our circadian rhythm and talk to Connie Rudman, a design engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, who helps develop interior lighting solutions for vehicles. 

Fizz pop bang! The science of fireworks

In this episode, we explore the science and engineering behind pyrotechnics, propellants, and explosives.

We talk to Dr Christine McGee, at the Centre for Defence Chemistry, whose research examines energetic materials which, day to day, means she 3D prints items that burn or blow up!

Christmas lights

Christmas really is a magical time but did you know that engineering is behind a lot of this magic?

We talk to Joe Sandford-Hughes, who tells us what goes into creating impressive light trails at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire and what technology future engineers could be using to really bring the magic of Christmas to life.

It's a Goal: Football Engineering

How can we make sure referees make the right decisions? How can we be sure the ball went over the line – or didn’t? 

Michael Davis, a data analyst at Leicester City Football Club talks about what his job involves and technology and engineering being used in football from heart rate monitors to GPS trackers.

Mind-blowing neuroscience

Neuroscience is the study of the brain and the nervous system. Where do engineers come in? The technology used to treat patients is designed by engineers.

We spoke to Professor Grégoire Courtine, a neuroscientist, who talks about his work using technology to recreate signal from the brain to help paralysed people walk!

Amazing algorithms

Whether working or having fun, nearly every aspect of our lives involves computer programmes and algorithms. From the games and apps we download, to the technology in our cars, computer programmes keep us connected to the world around us.

Sukanya Ghosh’s explains why they are necessary but also why they are not always to our benefit!

Awesome audio

Whether it is a ticking clock, voices, music, or traffic from our roads, we are surrounding by sound that we give little thought to. But did you know there is a whole sphere of engineering that thinks of nothing else?

In this episode we talk to Jake Sewell, a sound engineer, who tells us a bit more about the different roles in the music industry, including recording, producing and mixing.


These remote-controlled fan-powered aerodynamic flyers are very popular around the world, but they are not just fun to play with, they are being used in all sorts of ways.

To find out more we talked to Joe Gibson, who designs new drone technology, to find out what it is that makes them so useful!

Smart cities

One of the great things about engineering is that it's not confined to diagrams and laboratories, it’s all around us, in our homes, towns and cities.

Larissa Suzuki tells us how engineering and technology can help improve the spaces in which we live, work and play, and how our cities are getting smarter!

Opportunities for young people

There are more opportunities for young people wanting to get into engineering then ever before.

We check out some exciting events that you can get involved in and talk to two engineers who have had very interesting experiences as young people, and now work at the forefront of new technology.

Medical AI

Medical consultants perform a vital job diagnosing diseases and deciding on treatment options for each patient. It’s a job that takes a lot of skill but it’s one that is being given a huge boost by an exciting new sphere of medical engineering.

We talk to Alyssa Randall on how AI is changing the way we will diagnose and treat patients in the future.

Cyber security

Cyber security is a vast underground world, and an enormous field in engineering – one where companies are in a constant race with hackers to keep us, our information and even our countries safe from attack.

We catch the latest from Adeeb who has developed a social media networking app, and worked on threat intelligence and malwear analysis.

Manipulating materials

There is a sphere of engineering dedicated entirely to materials, right down to the particles of their matter to develop smart new products.

In this episode we take a look at aerogel, the lightest solid that can hold the weight of a car, and speak to Chris Bellamy about ski goggles, sewing and testing products!

Santa called

Check out the latest podcast release to find out all about how he wants you to join in.

This year, Santa's STEM workshop is jam-packed with fun activities, crafts and experiments for all the family to enjoy and make the most of the Christmas season. 

Listen in for a quick slice of festive spirit!


Vic Grosjean is an ocean innovator and engineer working to develop new technologies and solve problems like detecting sharks at busy beaches before they become a danger to the community.

His environmental project, ‘The Ocean CleanX’, uses cutting-edge technology to monitor and remove pollution from waterways and clean up our oceans.


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