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Primary posters

Free to download, or order to have delivered directly to your door, our classroom posters cover a range of topics from radio waves and robotics to section drawings and electrical safety.

All posters are updated and the collection is added to on a regular basis, so check back for new ones.

There is now a range of videos available in British Sign Language to support some of our posters and explain the basic concepts behind them.

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Circuits and symbols

Poster showing the symbols for basic components in a circuit.

Common uses of IT

Explore how information technology is used outside school.

Electrical safety indoors

Useful rules to observe when using electricity in the home.

Electrical safety outdoors

Useful rules to observe when using electricity both in and outside the home.

Engineering all around us!

A closer look at some of the applications of engineering in our everyday lives.

Exploded views

A closer look at exploded views and how you can draw them for yourself.

FIRST® LEGO® League Explore

Build, code, research and share.

FIRST® LEGO® League Discover

Wonder and question, build and tinker, listen and share.


What are forces and how do they act?

Iterative design

Explore the process involved in iterative design.


Discover more about light and how it travels.

Materials and their properties

A closer look at the materials used to make each part of a tent and how these ensure the tent can function effectively.

Radio waves

How do radio waves help us connect to our friends and families?


How does the design of the Mars Curiosity enable it to explore the planet Mars effectively?

Section drawings

Find out how to draw a section drawing.

The International Space Station (ISS)

Explore the ISS.


Find out more about cars and how they move.


Find out more about the weather in different parts of the world.

Download only

100 jobs in STEM poster

A popular poster highlighting 100 exciting job roles that link to STEM.

Neon green careers posters - Buildings

Inspire students with planet saving careers.

10 great reasons to go into STEM

There are hundreds of reasons to become an engineer or a scientist. Find out more about 10 of them.

10 rheswm gwych i ddod yn beiriannydd

Mae cannoedd o resymau dros ddod yn beiriannydd neu’n wyddonydd. Dysgwch fwy am 10 ohonynt.