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Take your students back to Ancient Greece with our new STEM themed resources

Ancient Greece resources

These ancient Greece activities for KS1 and KS2 are mapped to the curricula with lesson plans and presentations alongside printables, to have everything you need to hand.

Whether students are working with scale to produce drawings, applying Pythagoras' Theorem, or measuring time using water, there will be tons of Eureka moments!

Ancient Greek mathematics

This activity, which combines maths and history, will introduce students to the concept of scale and teach students facts about how the ancient Greeks have affected modern life.

Density using Archimedes’ principle

Students will learn how to collect data through experimenting and understand the properties of materials, testing their number abilities.

Make a water mill that generates electricity

Kids will make and test a water mill that produces enough electricity to light an LED and learn how water wheels work.

Measure distance

This activity for primary school kids involves making a measuring wheel for accurately measuring in metres and centimetres.

Using Pythagoras Theorem

Introduce your students to the concept of the Pythagoras Theorem and what it is used for.

They will use this knowledge to create a string triangle in the proportion of 3:4:5 and use it to measure objects from their base.

Measure time with a water clock

In this activity, students will create a Greek water clock that can be used to measure a set period.

Using time to record

Students will record distances using a tape measure or an odometer to record the time taken to run different lengths. This activity will enable students to measure using different tools, record results and plot graphs. 

All of our resources are free and come with activity sheets, presentations and worksheets.

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