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Inspire kids to be STEM strikers as they explore the possibilities of Lunar Football

The FIFA Women's World Cup inspires young athletes and showcases the exceptional talent and teamwork of female football players from around the globe. Alongside this, International Moon Day celebrates the extraordinary wonders of space and humanity’s exploration of the Moon. Together, these events offer the perfect opportunity to merge the magic of sports and STEM. To help you do this, we’ve created a constellation of exciting activities that challenge primary and secondary learners to overcome the challenges of playing football on the Moon, while also having a stellar amount of fun in the process!

STEM Activities for Primary Pioneers

Design an Astronauts' Menu

It takes a few days to reach the Moon from Earth, even when travelling at interstellar speeds. So, it’s a given that the travelling teams will have to eat while they’re on board the spacecraft. Using this fun activity, children can select and compare foods for passengers to enjoy during the journey. Can they create a balanced and tasty menu using food suitable for space?

Understand the Moon's Gravity

Before playing Lunar football, we first need to understand the force of gravity and how it differs on the Moon compared to here on Earth. This engaging Twinkl activity teaches children all about gravity and helps them to understand why we weigh less on the Moon.

Grow Grass on the Moon

An earthside football pitch is covered in lush green grass. However, there’s no grass on the Moon and no plant would survive for very long in Lunar soil. But fear not, because this exciting activity allows children to become a space botanist as they make a terrarium to grow grass in space! Before long they’ll be cultivating their very own miniature moon meadow fit for a football pitch.

Design a Line Painting Moon Robot

A key feature of any football pitch is the painted lines and boundaries that guide players and help the game run smoothly. To help you create these in space, why not build a line painting moon robot? That’s exactly what children can do with this fun activity as they use their STEM skills to write a microcontroller program for the robot to follow.

Create a Foldable Football Goal

You can’t play football without goals, but how on earth do you transport not just one, but two full-sized goals to the Moon?! Well, encourage children to solve this STEM challenge by designing and creating a foldable football goal that can be easily transported through space for Lunar matches!

Navigate Moon Craters

A normal game of football involves a lot of speed, agility and balance as players make their way around the pitch. Now, imagine the pitch was scattered with huge craters that could cause a trip hazard or cause the ball to fly off in a completely unexpected direction. Well, that’s what would happen on the Moon, which is covered in deep indentations caused by comets smashing into the surface. With this handy Twinkl activity, children can learn more about craters and use their understanding to map out a safe game of Lunar football.

Design a Moon United Football Kit

Every football team, whether they’re earthbound or not, needs a stand-out football kit! This summer, we’re encouraging your little learners to use their STEM skills to make sure the Moon United football team looks the part by designing an extraordinary football strip. Once childrens’ kit is complete, they can enter their design into the IET Engineer a Better World Football Competition. If they win, their kit will be brought to life for them to wear and keep, just in case the opportunity arises to play a real-life game of football on the Moon!

The fun doesn’t have to stop there! If your little learners enjoyed exploring the possibilities of playing Lunar football, then check out this collection of other primary STEM activities that we’re sure they’ll enjoy.


STEM Challenges for Secondary Space Travellers

Design, Build and Test a Space Rocket

The very first obstacle we come across when trying to organise a football match on the Moon is how to get there. That’s where this fun and ambitious project comes in! Combining engineering and physics, students can use their blend of STEM skills to design, create and test their very own rocket to take the Moon United football team into space!

Build a Moon Communication System

Communication is key during any sport, but it becomes a little more difficult on the Moon since sound waves can’t travel through space! With this activity, students can explore how football players on the Moon could communicate using electronics. They’ll then have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice by building their very own moon intercom circuit.

Design a Robot Referee

Every game of football needs a referee to help it run smoothly, even on the Moon! So, why not encourage your students to put their technology and engineering skills to the test as they design a robot referee? They’ll create a detailed sketch of their robot and ensure it can perform the duties of an assistant referee, like looking out for fouls and managing substitutions.

Design a Jetpack

Lunar football wouldn't be complete without some high-flying action! Use this activity to challenge your learners to to design a jetpack specifically tailored for playing football on the Moon. Can they tackle the challenge of reduced gravity to develop a safe jetpack that allows players to zip around the pitch effortlessly?

Design a Futuristic Football Stadium

Let your learners’ imagination soar as they design a football stadium fit for the Moon! This activity encourages them to think about the different features that a Lunar football pitch might need, before teaching them how to draw a step-by-step sketch of their idea.

Did your secondary learners enjoy expanding their space knowledge and honing their STEM skills? If so, explore even more exciting Lunar football secondary activities here!

Blending the excitement of the FIFA Women's World Cup and the wonder of International Moon Day provides us with the unique concept of Lunar football. This forces us to think outside the box as we encounter obstacles like reduced gravity, lack of grass, and the treacherous moon craters. However, armed with our STEM skills, creativity, and imagination, we can embark on a journey of discovery and innovation to conquer these hurdles and win the ‘Lunar League’!