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New Space STEM teaching resources

New Space STEM teaching resources

As you may be aware, the James Webb Space Telescope is due to launch later this month, so we have prepared some back-to-school activities for primary and secondary aged children to take part in, that are all linked to the curriculum, with step-by-step guides prepared and slides for working through the activity with children in the lesson.

Primary James Webb Space Telescope resources

Stargazing like a telescope

Our Stargazing like a telescope resource is an exciting way to look at constellations and teach the solar system to your 7-11 year olds. Discuss the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescope launch with your class during this curriculum-linked activity and inspire their inner astronomer. 

Density of space materials

Celebrate the upcoming launch of the James Webb Space Telescope with our fun Density of space materials activity for 7-11 year olds. Spark your students’ curiosity with finding the density of materials by weighing items and immersing them in water. 

Countdown to launch

The James Webb Space Telescope is ready to launch. Bring the latest space launch to your classroom and practise counting down in different patterns with our Countdown to launch activity for 5-7 year olds. 

Aerospace engineers

Celebrate the launch of The James Webb Space Telescope with your class with the Aerospace engineers challenge day for students aged 8-11. Using real-world problems, the DIY Faraday Challenge is an engaging cross-curricular activity.  

Secondary James Webb Space Telescope resources:

Mission to MARS

In celebration of the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope launch, we’re focussing on all things space-related!

Our Mission to MARS DIY Faraday Challenge Day focuses on how materials have been specifically engineered in order to provide the requisite qualities and characteristics. 

Sensors for space

Smart sensors play a big part in our everyday lives and were fundamental in launching the James Webb Space Telescope launch.

Discover what smart sensors are, how they are being used today and how they can be innovative in the future. 

Photovoltaic cells in space

Learn about photovoltaic cells and investigate how they are used with our engaging activity for 11 to 14-year-olds.

Using this technology participants make a series of electronic circuits of increasing complexity. 

Engineered space materials

When building a space telescope, the materials need to be fit for purpose.

With our fun activity, your students think about what properties would be needed for building the James Webb Space Telescope and which materials would be best for achieving these. 

All of our resources are free and come with activity sheets, presentations and worksheets.

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