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Get your class celebrating Diwali with a STEM twist

Diwali symbolises the victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

This festival of lights can be celebrated in many different ways but often include fireworks, diya lamps, rangolis/kolams patterns, and of course delicious food for family and friends!

To give your class the chance to take part in the celebrations, we have created fun STEM themed activities to give the hands-on science and maths activities a Diwali focus.

Get your students learning about different cultures by getting them to make diyas, traditional lamps made from clay or mud that represent the triumph of light over dark, and good over evil.

Students can also celebrate Diwali by making rangolis/kolams, a pattern that is used to welcome the Hindu Goddess of wealth into a house, known for bringing good luck.

Use our free and editable resources to engage and inspire in the classroom.

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