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Black History Month

If you are interested in supporting IET Education in raising awareness of Black History Month or would like to use some of our teaching resources and materials in schools then have a look at how we can help you.

Celebrating black engineers poster

Highlighting black engineers throughout history and celebrating their contributions to the world of STEM. Posters and careers packs (

Inclusivity podcast from our Undercover Engineers series

Join our robotics expert Eneni Bambara-Abban to find out all about her journey into engineering and the experiences she had along the way as a young black female. We discover why inclusivity and diversity are important in industry and how there is room for all.  Undercover engineers podcast (

Portrait of an Engineer

In this stunning photoshoot campaign, leading engineers challenge stereotypes in the industry and tell us what they love so much about their engineering careers.

Dr Ozak Esu is working tirelessly in this area and has taken on roles that promote equality, diversity and inclusion. As well as serving on the Athena SWAN feasibility committee at Loughborough University, she has been a panellist for the Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers UK. She has also mentored international students at London South Bank University, sharing her experience of the transition from student to engineering professional. Dr Ozak Esu - IET Education (

Look at Me Now

For children, toys and imagination represent a world of possibilities and invention. For engineers and scientists, the possibilities and invention never end. They are proof that our toys and dreams today impact our innovations tomorrow.

1. Mimi-Isabella Nwosu 

Mimi loved Barbies and solving puzzles as a young girl and always thought she would  become a medical doctor, however she didn’t get the grades required and after a chance  encounter at university she fell in love with the opportunities and practicalities of solving  world problems and helping people related to a career in engineering and has never  looked back. Mimi now works to reduce waste and reuse as many materials as possible  to protect the environment whilst also sharing her passion with children in schools to  inspire the next generation of engineers. Mimi-Isabella Nwosu - IET Education (

2. Amanda Obidike

As a child, Amanda was very sociable and just loved to play with her friends. Her favourite games were “hide and seek” or just racing around having fun! Maybe that is why she chose to help people as part of her career. Initially she thought that becoming the next President would help her to reach the most people, but she soon realised that she didn’t need such a high position to achieve her goals and now works on addressing the under-representation of young women and girls in STEM as well as the leaky unemployment pipeline in Africa where she prepares Africans with STEM skills for current opportunities in the work force. Amanda Obidike - IET Education (

3. Dipendra Mistry

When Dipendra was young he dreamed of becoming an astronaut and being sent on a mission into space. He also loved K’nex and Meccano as well as looking at everything he could under his microscope! In his current role, Dipendra is developing the technology which sends radio waves from satellites in Space to the Earth. 

Dipendra Mistry - IET Education (

4. Anne-Marie Imafidon

As a child, Anne-Marie wanted to be a weather forecaster and was always taking things apart, whether it was her computer, the TV remote or VCR players! This natural curiosity and love of STEM led her to be the CEO of Stemettes where she now helps young girls get into STEM careers that they will love!

Anne Marie Imafidon - IET Education (

So this Black History Month let’s all find out a little more about those working in Engineering and all around us helping to shape, create and maintain our wonderful world.