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New resource themes for this Spring

Digital literacy

Digital literacy skills are essential for daily life more so now than ever before! Take young learners on a journey to improve their use of computers and technology today as building blocks for the future with our digital literacy collection created with the assistance of Archives of IT.

The Bugatti Trust Museum and Study Centre

The Bugatti Trust Museum and Study Centre have also benefitted from having 2 new resources produced for them looking at gear trains for primary students and wheel materials for secondary.

As Ettore Bugatti was the founder and designer of Bugatti sports cars he was the first designer to use aluminium wheels to decrease the weight of Grand Prix racing cars, designing one of the most successful racing cars in the world.

This has been a really interesting topic to delve more deeply into and the photographs uncovered from the early days of motor racing are truly inspirational.


A popular history topic for primary-aged children is Ancient Egypt, so we decided to give this subject a STEM twist to bring you a range of cross-curricular resources covering Design and Technology, Maths, History, Engineering and Art.

Our resources will get students making pieces of jewellery inspired by the ancient Egyptians, learning about scale and volume using pyramids made from paper, making papyrus from paper and even learning how to write their names and numbers in hieroglyphics!


Seasonal themes are a great driver to support the delivery of key topics and these final two resources that we are highlighting here are based on the Islamic period of Ramadan – the holy month of fasting, reflection and prayer for Muslims.

These resources enable students to make a card lantern or a paper plate moon and star, teaching them about making 3D shapes and the use of templates contributing to learning in maths and developing skills making graphic products in design and technology.

Additionally, these resources could be used to start a discussion on the designs and shapes used during Ramadan.

Put a spring in your step and download something today! 

All of our resources are free and come with activity sheets, presentations and worksheets.

And please do share your classroom learning highlights with us @IETeducation or send us an email with your final creations at

There are so many new resource ideas planned for 2023, but if there is a topic you are passionate about or a seasonal event you think is worth celebrating please let us know.

In the meantime, make sure to watch this space for the new family activities and bonus games for Easter which will be launched shortly!